Villagers of Belekarwadi built a 4 km road from the labor force

Vaibhavwadi: Belekarwadi in Nanivade village in Vaibhavwadi taluka was deprived of the road for 60 years. Therefore, senior citizens and sick people had to travel 4 km from Palkhi (a passenger conveyance for one person). The road was not functioning even after pursuing the government. In the end, all the villagers together took a decision to complete the 4-kilometer long road and completed it.

For this, the village Sarpanch Katkarbai, Sunil Khadeye, Gramsevak, former chairman of the village, the current President Vijay Khadye took the lead and this road was successfully completed from the work of the villagers. For this work, the residents of Nanivade contributed valuable assistance.

Asmita Gidale, Kokan now, Vaibhavwadi.


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