Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat warns Pakistan

New Delhi: Just a day before the Kargil War anniversary which is marked on July 26 to commemorate the success of Operation Vijay, Army Chief Bipin Rawat on Thursday, warned Pakistan to not ever attempt any misadventure like the one in the year 1999. Speaking about Pakistan’s misadventure of Kargil War, Rawat said, “I am quite sure the adversary will never attempt this again. This (Kargil War) was a big misadventure by Pakistan Army in 1999. My warning to Pakistan is do not ever attempt such a misadventure anywhere and anytime in the future.”

Rawat was addressing media persons in Drass, Jammu and Kashmir. He dismissed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement refusing to take the blame for the Pulwama attack. He said “We are aware of the truth. So we don’t have to get carried away by any statement. The truth is known to us and our establishment.”  

Bureau News, Kokan Now, New Delhi.

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