A thief steals bank details of a Businessman and siphons off Rs. 3.3 crores

Mumbai: A Govandi resident, Amanatullah Shaikh(33) has been arrested by cyber police on Saturday for stealing about Rs. 3.3 crore from a Businessman’s bank account through ID card details. He obtained a fraudulent sim card through which he received the OTP of transactions.

The Businessman who is the publisher of school books, approached the police on July 12 after he realised that he has been cheated during July 7-9.

The accused who is a small contractor had information about the Businessman’s particular. He prepared duplicate documents of the businessman and approached a mobile service provider (as Businessman) and asked him to block his mobile number as he lost his mobile phone. He then asked for a new sim card and started the transactions from the Businessman’s bank account.

The police investigation about how the person got duplicate documents is going on. The officials believe that many people are involved in this case. The police has asked for the CCTV footage from the Mobile operator.

Bureau news, Kokan now, Mumbai.

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