Now, the aid of Rs.1 crore will be given to the families of the martyred soldiers

Mumbai: The Cabinet meeting took place today in the decision to increase the lone financial help given by the state government to the families of the officers and jawans who were killed in the country’s security-related operations with war and war situation. Accordingly, the dependents of martyrs will be given one crore instead of Rs 25 lakh. Similarly, the injured jawans will also be provided assistance of 20 to 60 lakh.
Grants are being given to the families of the survivors of the Border Security Force and other paramilitary forces, during the war and the war-torn situation and during the country’s security-related campaign, as well as those who have lost their lives or have been disabled. This help is given to those who have been martyred.

Two lakhs of grants were increased from time to time according to the subsequent government decision. According to the Government Resolution of March 27, 2018, a lump sum subsidy was given to the family members of 25 lakhs for financial assistance. If the percentage of disability is less than one percent to 25 percent of the disabled population, then Rs 5 lakh, 26 percent to 50 percent if it was 8.50 lakh and 51 percent to 100 percent, then Rs 15 lakh was given.

Bureau news, Kokan now, Mumbai.

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