New Zealand’s mistake ignored? The match’s result would have been different.

India is out of the World Cup 2019 because of its defeat by New Zealand. New Zealand defeated India by 18 runs and confirmed its position in the finals. India had a target of 240 runs of which, the team could make only 218 runs.

Except for Jadeja and Dhoni, all other players disappointed the team, Jadeja and Dhoni scored 100 runs in a partnership and kept the hopes of victory alive for the Indian team. But the game changed when the duo got out. Dhoni’s runout is said to be the heartbreaker and changed the game.

The over which Ferguson was delivering was a powerplay over. According to the rules of ICC, not more than 5 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle in the final 10 overs (41-50). In the video below, it is seen that 6 fielders are present outside the circle.

There are various opinions on this video, some are saying that the result could have been different if this mistake of New Zealand was noticed. There is no clarification on this from ICC yet.

Bureau news, Kokan now.

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