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Today’s Marathi Calendar: Friday, 12 July 2019
Indian Solar 21 Ashadh Shaka 1941, Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi at 12.30 pm, Chandrakshakshtra: Vishakha at 3.56 pm, Chandrasi: Liberation till 9.55, Suryanakshtra: Rehabilitation, Sunrise: 6.10 am, Sunset: Evening 7.1 9,

Aries: Be thoughtful while exchange.

Taurus: Desired yielding

Gemini: Disease, the enemy will lead the head.

Cancer: Merry things will happen about the offspring.

Leo: The atmosphere in the house will be pleasant

Virgo: Good intentions will work for any purpose.

Libra: The financial problems will be solved

Scorpio: Special work will be completed.

Sagittarius: It should be considered right before completing the work.

Capricorn: The advice of friends will be reduced.

Aquarius: Be peaceful while performing important tasks. Any mistake can be very expensive.

Pisces: Important tasks will be started

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