Whatsapp under spyware attack; Users are requested to update the app immediately

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New Delhi: On Monday, 13th May, WhatsApp urged all of its 1.5 billion users to update their apps immediately as an added precaution. Due to some technical issues in WhatsApp, it is possible to break into your phone through a voice call on Whatsapp and hack important information on your mobile. The company has noticed that this is happening due to some spyware. So WhatsApp company has urged its users to update the app to avoid the spyware attack.
NSO – a secretive group in Israel, had developed this Spyware. This spyware can infect your mobile even if you get a missed voice call from them. According to sources, this bug came with the WhatsApp voice call feature. Hackers are able to insert this ‘malicious code’ on your phone using a spam voice call. There is no need to even receive this call in order to let this spyware attached code into the system. And this call would get automatically deleted from your WhatsApp voice call log.
WhatsApp has clarified that the bug has been immediately removed after realizing the threat. The company said that they need to keep apps and operating system updates and have asked the users to update the app urgently. WhatsApp, without mentioning the name of this group, said that this spyware bug was related to a private company. On the other hand, NSO Group has denied these allegations. NSO said that NSO Group is not targeting any users. NSO has clarified that no such cyber attack is supported.  

Update your WhatsApp :

Open Playstore ➡️ 

Search WhatsApp ➡️ 

Click on it ➡️ Click on Update Options

There! All safe from Spyware Attack. 
Bureau News, Kokan Now, New Delhi  

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