Rahul Gandhi’s slogans in Lok Sabha

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi, who is Congress President, raised slogans in Lok Sabha over the developments in karnataka, on Tuesday (09 July, 2019).

When Rahul Gandhi arrived at the house, at noon, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhuri was raising the Karnataka issue, he was however disallowed by the speaker.

“It is your duty to save democracy”, said a congress member.

Unsatisfied with the speaker’s response, Adhir Rajan Chowdhari again rose the issue. He wrote some slogans on a paper and passed it to fellow MP’s sitting behind him. They promptly rose them.

The members raised slogans like “Tanashahi band karo”, “Shikar ki Rajneeti band karo band karo”. As they rose the slogans, Rahul Gandhi joined them by repeating the last words, not as loud as others though.

Bureau news, Kokan now, New Delhi

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