‘Chandrayaan-2’ successfully left Earth’s Orbit

New Delhi: Chandrayaan-2, which has been released by the ISRO, has successfully completed its first phase of travel. According to the Indian standard, ‘Chandrayaan-2’ left the Earth’s orbit at 2:21 on Tuesday night. After that, it has made its way towards the moon. President of ISRO Mr. Siwan informed about the next trip of ‘Chandrayaan-2’.

ISRO experimented with trans lunar injection before ‘Chandrayaan-2’ could leave Earth’s orbit. The liquid engine was fired for approximately 1203 seconds to allow easy access to the outer orbit of the moon. After that, Chandrayaan, who was in the orbit of the Earth for 7 days, entered the moon’s limits. Chandrayaan-2 will be six days on the way to the moon and will travel about 4.1 lakh kilometers and reach the final orbit on August 20, Sewan said.  

Bureau News, Kokan Now, New Delhi.  

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