Monsoon likely to arrive late than it’s onset date; Likely to hit Kerala on June 4

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New Delhi: According to Skymet’s prediction, Monsoon is likely to arrive three days late than it’s onset date. The onset date for Monsoon over Kerala is 1 June but according to Skymet’s prediction, monsoon will be arriving in Kerala on the 4th of June and this time monsoon will be ‘below normal’ with LPA of 93% and an error margin of 5%.

          According to Skymet, there are 55% chances of below normal rainfall, due to the influence of El-Nino. “The country is likely to receive 93% rainfall of the long period average (LPA) in 2019. All the four regions are going to witness lesser than normal rainfall, this season. East and Northeast India and central parts will be poorer than Northwest India and South Peninsula. The onset of Monsoon will be around June 4. It seems that the initial advancement of Monsoon over Peninsular India is going to be slow.” Mr. Jatin Singh, Managing Director of Skymet said.

                 The India Meteorological Department (IMD) defines average, or normal, rainfall as between 96% and 104% of a 50-year average of 89 centimeters for the entire four-month season beginning June. Central India – may receive 91% rainfall of the LPA which may aggravate dr, while the eastern and northeastern part of the country is likely to get 92 percent rainfall of LPA. The southern peninsula could get 95% rainfall, while northwest India is likely to get 96% rainfall according to Skymet’s prediction.


Bureau News, Kokan Now, New Delhi.

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