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Today’s Marathi Panchang: Indian solar 22nd Shakira 1941, Ashadh Shukla Dwadashi at 12.28 pm, Chandrakshakshtra: Anuradha evening Up to 4.26, Chandrasa: Scorpio, Suryanakshtra: Rehabilitation, Sunrise: 6.10 am, Sunset: Evening 7.1 9, Moonrise: Evening 4.17, Moonlight: Dawn 3.04

Aries: If there is depression, taking correct steps and giving priority to today’s thoughts will be a lot of satisfaction.

Taurus: Be careful when driving. Now you will feel uncomfortable by spending money on unnecessary things.

Gemini: Make the right changes to improve your personality. Such a day will be a nice day for you.

Cancer: Immutable Movable Property Investment Profitable.

Leo: Do not apply to dye things, try to think about the condition.

Virgo: Spend time with children for stress relief.

Libra: Many new plans will be planned but keep in mind the fact that the cost will increase.

Scorpio: There is a need to handle correspondence. Whatever you are trying to do at work, it will be a thing today.

Sagittarius: The cost and irritation can increase.

Capricorn: Suddenly a piece of good news will be heard. Do not do the same.

Aquarius: Get rid of all the problems you face.

Pisces: Get some salient moments with family members, invest more money into immovable, movable assets.

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