Dust storm hits Uttar Pradesh

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Uttar Pradesh: The State Relief commissioner of Uttar Pradesh stated today (7th June 2019) that at least 19 persons were killed and 48 were injured due to dust storm and lightning which hit the state on late  Thursday (6th June 2019) evening, in various parts of Uttar Pradesh.

   The whole area was covered in dust.

Six persons died in Mainpuri, three persons each died in Etah and Kasganj and one each in Moradabad, Badaun, Pilibhit, Mathura, Kannauj, Sambhal and Ghaziabad in incidents related to dust storm and lightning, according to the official data released today.

Different parts of Uttar Pradesh witnessed dust storms late on Thursday evening resulting in trees being uprooted and walls collapsing. The maximum 41 people were injured in Mainpuri district.

     The dust made it difficult to view the objects in front.

      People had a hard time driving on the roads.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed the officials to take all necessary measures to provide relief to the affected persons.

Bureau News, Kokan Now, Uttar Pradesh. 

(Cover Image credits : BBC News.)

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